Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Night of Training at CBS

Well last night was the first night of training for the year. This year I have decided to join CBS with Kenzie. CBS is a positive pet dog training club so while the focus isn't on trial work I found the atmosphere at the club so much better then my traditional club that I figured it was worth joining.

Deb, my old instructor from the Rottie club (and the chief trainer) had placed Kenzie into Silver. Tash and Riv also decided to join the Silver class. First night of class and Kenzie was a little star. She did all her behaviours perfectly and wasn't stressed with strangers approaching her and happily was taking treats. She did nose touches, LLW, tricks, lovely perfect fronts and was happy chilling on her mat while not working.

Any way received an email this morning suggesting that after watching her work last night that she and I would likely to be bored witless in Silver and did we want to move into Gold. Very pleased with my little girl. She is an absolute delight and I am thrilled with her ability to generalise and her undivided attentive focus which she offers.

The only bad part of the night is that Tash and I both agreed that she looked a bit proppy on the way back to the car so its off to the chiro tomorrow afternoon for her. Man my dogs want to keep him in business.

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