Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CBS Week 3

Well last night was our third session at CBS. I arrived reasonably early so Ness and Kenzie both had a bit of a run with Darcy and Loki over on the other oval. Any way Karron picked up that Ness wasn't putting weight on her front left paw - Argh. So no training for her happening. Not having a good luck with dogs at present.

Any way on to class.

Tonight we focused on more target stick, touching objects, left and right turns, LAT as well as tricks at a distance.

Kenzie was wonderful. The object we were given was a kids metal bucket. Any way first up we turned the bucket upside down and got them nose touching. Well after C/Ting maybe half a dozen nose touches little devil dog places both front paws on it and starts offering circus dog. Funny girl since we have been doing lots of perch work on a wooden box in the yard. Considering the surface area of the bucket was about equal with the diameter of a CD I was very impressed that she managed to place both paws on there.

Her target stick work was really good and a lot less circling behavior then I got last week. Probably clicking her a fraction early before she touches it though so better improve my timing.

She did some lovely turns around the course that was marked out but I was reinforcing her for each turn. Her right turns are much neater then her left turns so need to work at those.

Deb was getting the class to do the old style traditional left about turns so while they were practising those I practiced some circle work for obedience with Kenzie. Don't want her doing the other sort of left about turn as it conflicts with the GD handling system for agility.

We did some more work on looking left and looking right which I can't fully comprehend how to teach. Also worked on spin and twist and need to get the behaviors at a distance before next week.

Kenzie was great at chilling on her mat off-lead when not working but I think she was a bit tired after her usual Mon arvo pool swim. Any way really enjoying the classes and looking forward to next weeks session.

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