Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Night Two at CBS - Almost a full circle

Well last night was night two of training at CBS and Kenzie's first night in gold class after being promoted from silver last week.

Tash and I lucked in or out and scored Deb our instructor (way to many Debs around the dog world). Any way I have had a long running history with Deb over the years since my time training Ness at the Rottie club.

Kenzie did great but jesus I thought Sandi was a hard task master Deb is worse still.

We worked on touching a target stick, tricks (setting up on the left and right), spins/twists, looking left and right and bow.

We get to the semi serious bit of the class heelwork with attention. She has us heel the dogs away from the chair about 20 paces. She said if the dog looked away you had to start again but at the chair. I had Kenzie's lead off and hers was absolutely devine. So much so when I heeled her back towards the group and she was in perfect prancy trot gait looking up at in awesome position everybody was standing there looking at her and Deb said hmm yeah she is a BC.

So the goal for next week is everybody is to get at least 20 steps but mine is to get at least what I had again and she will really be only be happy if she sees at least 50 paces . Maybe she isn't entirely anti-trialling at all.

The other thing we did were down stays and I need to get Kenzie to stay put while I return around her before next Mon. Again she expects nothing less from me.

Next week we start on precision turns . You can bet Deb will expect mine to be spot on else I'll cop it bigtime.

Very good night. Pleased with my little super star. Turned on when needed to. Switched off when needed to. Other than a bit of throwing backing up she was great. I made an effort to make sure I used a tug reward as well as food rewards.

When Deb sets a challenge you want to go out and work your backside off and achieve it. I was sooooo chuffed with Kenzie's attention and position - it was as though all my hard work had suddenly paid off. Considering my little munchkin is only 10 months old and her concentration didn't leave me for one second of the 45 minutes of class. Hell people struggle to get that level of focus on an adult let alone a baby - sure she is a BC but still, 15 minutes in a UD ring is looking comparitavely easy right about now. I just have to watch I don't slip into habits of luring too much and need to keep the food right out of the picture. She can do it I just need to remember she can. Still making sure I mix it all up though.

Any way looking forward to next weeks session and being picked to pieces :).

Thought I might add on the subject of Kenzie's injury woes she is looking to be moving fine at the moment so touch wood its not anything really serious.

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