Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Good Ring Performance

Kenz backed up her 196 yesterday with another solid individual performance at the SAODC trial. Good solid scores from the same judge she managed to scrape her first novice pass under.

She scored 35/40 for heelwork, 30/30 for stand for exam, 35/40 for recall and 29/30 for change of position. She was a little bit spooked during her round so I was proud she managed to stay working as nicely as she did.

The bad news was she again lay down in her sit stay. I had got her out of her crate a few times and everytime I got her out she was looking very proppy so I didn't think I had much hope in the stay and yep she went down in her sit stay. I considered withdrawing but she was also the equal top scoring dog in the class so decided the worst that would happen is she would lay down so we might as well just see.

Ah well will see what the physio makes of her on Thursday and hopefully its not serious damage and we can rebuild and retrain so we can get the time needed for Open.

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