Saturday, October 1, 2011

196, First Place and a Novice Title!!!!

And you can't wipe the smile off my face tonight - so very very proud of my little WA bred girl.

What a brilliant way to polish off the remaining leg for Kenz's novice title but with a 196 and a round that oozed enthusiasm and attitude. I am so very proud of my little munchkin tonight - she did me well as she always does and the score was icing on the cake for an absolutely stunning performance.

The scores for the individual exercises were 37/40 for heel free, 30/30 for stand for exam, 39/40 for recall and 30/30 for change of position.

Always knew you had a special round in you somewhere and to finish off the title with a round like that it doesn't get much better.

Onwards and upwards :). Bring on 2012. The sky is the limit and she is only going to get better.

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