Sunday, October 9, 2011

Little Miss Consistent but one very sore little girl

Well as far as the score card goes – she was on another 189 (third place, one point behind the winner) but she just wasn't on fire today. She wasn't the same dog I normally take into the ring so something was definitely up.

Her scores were good 35/40 for heel free; 29/30 for SFE, 37/40 for her best recall to date (her front was lovely and so was her finish) and 28/30 for the COP drop. She really wanted a tug game when we left the ring so was happy enough just wonder what level of pain she is in fact working through.

Lots I am not happy about she just didn't want to be there today – not surprised she went down in her sit she was really sitting very squiffy, overly nervy and just not happy. She lasted maybe 30 seconds if that in the sit and looked really really uncomfortable. But yeah she is sore and its sad and my heart is broken.

Should I have trialled her – probably not :(. She was going through the motions a little bit.

A couple of hours of rest at home and she has come up on three legs probably as lame as she has been in ages. Badly limping on her front right.

Might be her last trial and that is sad.

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