Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trial of Sorts - DWD Trainee Judges Mock Trial

This morning we headed out to DogsSA to take part in the Dances with Dogs Trainee Judges Mock Trial. Two judges had come over from Victoria to help out with the Judges training in the state. Earlier in the week I had volunteered Kenz to perform an Intermediate Freestyle Routine.

I thought we had possibly bitten off more then we could chew - not sure of the standard and only having her starters title. I redid the music edit during the week and increased the length of her Step in Time routine to just over 2 min 30 seconds and figured we would give it a go so they could get the experience of judging a higher level routine.

Well blow me away but had it been a real trial Kenz would have walked away with her first Intermediate qualification with pretty convincing scores (51/60 and 54/60) to go with it. She lost a couple of marks for barking and it was suggested that if I wanted to score higher then I might need to take a little of the drive out and that she was a dog that certainly didn't need "amping" up.

So proud of my little girl - it doesn't matter what we are doing or where we are doing it she always gives me everything she has.

Nice work Kenz - looking forward to cruising to her Novice Title when we get the opportunity to attend a few more trials.

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