Sunday, October 28, 2012

Into week 25......

Hmmmm its been one of those very mixed fortnights.

After her jump grid experiment she seems to start having issues again with her front right shoulder. Fairly marked lameness almost as bad as it had ever been BUT it was the following evening when it started bothering her. I took it easy with her for a few days and it seemed to settle again.

Last Friday I thought it was about time she could have a swim at the pool again. She had a good time as usual and swam plenty. Later that evening she started having a huge number of problems with her LH. The patella appeared to keep slipping and it was really bothering her and she was shutting down totally.

Saturday we went out for a walk and the RH random lameness which seemed to have disappeared had returned. One walk she completely picked up the back leg and the second incident was just non-weight bearing when she was stationary.

Nothing overly significant just non-weight bearing when she was stationary on a couple of occasions.

A little confused and unsure about things at the moment.

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