Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just what we didn't need....

A dog attack Sunday night by that frigging weim - the consequence hmmm Kenz by Monday night was struggling so badly on a walk around the block she required carrying home. She was still having issues with her hind end on Tuesday morning.

I came home and contacted Matthew and had a chat to him. He felt she needed to see John. Well rang to speak with John and he is away till the 14th of November.

Tuesday lunchtime we were training in the back yard and just messing around and she came up badly lame on her RH. So off to the local vet on Tuesday afternoon.

Nick checked her patella, her cruciate and her hip extension and thought it all seemed fine. That is interesting in itself because he didn't think the LH patella was a problem anymore. None the less she was given a 7 day course of anti-inflams. 

Matthew suggested now was a good time to get more video for John so I held off the anti-inflams today and have been busy stalking her with a video camera.

I did manage to capture one RH episode of the three that she had today and given she has had problems now on each walk I felt enough was enough and started her on the anti-inflams tonight.

I guess we will see how she gets on over the next 7 days of pain killer and taking it relatively easy.

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