Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Appointment with Ian

Just back from Kenz's appointment with Ian the neurospecialist. It was an interesting appointment but I guess it seemed to be more of a ruling out exercise. It was also as I expected in that the mention of exercise induced collapse was what sparked a little more interest in her case.

Poor Kenz was subjected to a full neurological exam. Apparently there wasn't to much out of the ordinary other than a slightly weakened patella reflex on her surgery leg. Ian also commented about her heightened sensitivity to her feet and toes. He said to be more certain it wasn't neurological he would ideally like to have admitted her and performed the neuro exam a few times over the course of the day because these things can change (especially in cases where there is intermittent issues) but given he didn't find anything of much significance the first time I didn't think it was worth leaving Kenz there at the current time.

He did comment that she had fairly even muscle across her hind end and was a little surprised given John's notes re muscle wastage at her last appointment. I guess that is helpful to me in saying she is doing somewhat ok if not for the random lameness episodes.

At the moment she weighs 13.9 kg and poor girl seemed to have a slightly raised temperature apparently (39 degrees).

So where we have got to as a result of the appointment - well not much has changed. Keep being relatively careful and seeing how she gets on. Ian said he would have a chat to John and if I haven't heard anything by Friday to maybe call and have a chat to John.

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