Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back in the ring for the moment.....

Kenz made her Rally-O debut at the SAODC trial today and walked away with her very first qualification with a score of 89/100. Way to go my little obedience superstar. It was a very emotional day for me with what we have been through so far in her short trialling career. She started off a little shakey (lost 6 points on one of the early stations - although that included a 3 point deduction because I asked for a retry) she then held the rest of it together nicely and managed a good pass.

The video of the round is posted here.

Its not been a particularly easy week. I had an email from John late Friday afternoon which suggested he had been corresponding with Ian and Ian felt he may have found a disease in Border Collie's which can present like Kenz's condition and would I mind scheduling an appointment to have her evaluated. So Friday afternoon I called the specialist centre and she is booked in for an appointment with Ian on Wednesday morning.

Its hard - she has been having subtle lameness issues with these occasional random other more substantial episodes. Sometimes I wonder what I am worrying about but I guess we may have more answers after Wednesday.

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