Saturday, September 8, 2012

18 weeks post-op

So we have reached  18 weeks post-op and I won't say its plain sailing all of the time. Kenz started having an increased number of hind end issues (although its not consistent and I can't put my finger on which leg it is) this past week so we cut back on her swimming and exercise and went back to leash walks and things really didn't improve greatly.

I am not sure what to make of it but Matthew and John aren't especially worried. I have been told to really only worry if the situation gets worse or its consistent and on-going.

Its becoming increasingly hard to read Kenz. Sometimes I just want to turn a blind eye to it all but with her history its just hard to do so. Nothing has ever just gone away or got better of its own accord so when I start to see things not right I do go into panic mode a bit.

Given the issues have increased with sticking to leash-walks I decided we would just go back to normal with her exercise and monitor things and hope it doesn't get any worse. She will be back to her regular swimming and walks this week. 

Having said that I have taken the plunge and sent off her first trial entry in nearly 12 months. Just a Rally-O Novice round at our club trial but she should enjoy herself. She is back to doing Open training rounds minus the ROH and loving every minute of her time doing things.

The blog photo this week is of Kenz pictured in her new DT Harness.

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