Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Interesting times.......

Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from the neurospecialist, Dr Ian Douglas who works at Vetsair to discuss Kenz. Apparently John had forwarded the video to him for comment. The view is its not particularly conclusive either way and the agreement made was to go ahead and try and collect further video. Matthew (and John) are both fairly adamant that there is no luxating patella in her right hind and Matthew could find no physical reason for the severity of the lameness.

I then decided screw it and took her out training last night to do a full open round including as much tug as she wanted. Well I jinxed it totally by not getting it on video. Her heelwork was not exceedingly great by her standards however she managed her SFE and was back to anticipating her recall and retrieve. The bad news is she went off at a million miles an hour after her dumbbell and pulled up badly lame.

It wasn't immediately obvious which leg it was so I put her back on lead and walked her up and back and the thought was possibly her RH.

I took her back to the car bought her home and she seemed ok. Carried her up to bed and she went to jump up on the bed and her back end really wasn't cooperating and she struggled. I couldn't find any apparent sore spots and she settled to sleep.

This morning before breakfast I took her out the front, armed with the video camera and her tug to try and recreate what happened last night. All I managed was picture perfect prancy heelwork and textbook retrieves.

We have spent the rest of the morning throwing i-squeaks and no hind end issues have come up.

Matthew still feels its worth going ahead with an appointment with Ian the neuro guy (and John) to see if there isn't anything we can diagnose.

This afternoon she had a 4km off-leash walk up in Brownhill creek and I again throwed millions of toys at the end of the track and no sign of any issue.

Its really starting to mess seriously with my head. 

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