Friday, September 21, 2012

A phone call from John

This where we are at with the Kenz saga - she is one complicated little dog with no immediately easily solution to things.

It may be a nerve related problem but a bit more video evidence or a problem that is more reproduceable in a consult situation would be preferable. John did also suggest it may be similar to sciatica in a human.

If we end up going down that path she will have an appointment with Ian and a full neurological exam then possibly need an MRI under GA.

John again reiterated that he was extra careful with checking her RH patella and he is 100% sure that is not the problem. It was checked while she was under for her LH surgery and these things don't change.

It is possible that its still the LH bothering her and if the RH is all ok the option is still there for John to go back in and fix it (at his cost).

So where we have got to is I will continue to try and video any episodes that may happen and send it through to both John and Ian (and Matthew) and we will take it from there.

I guess the good news as far is Kenz is concerned is no more poking and prodding for the time being. I will continue to play it a little safe until we have got through the next fortnight or so (because I want her fine for the Rally-O trials) and then we may look at doing a little bit of agility and increased jumping work with her and see where that takes us.

Here is a video I put together this evening of some of the footage I took of her training (in the hope of catching another episode of lameness) - unfortunately or fortunately all I managed was 100% sound Kenz.

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