Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another day, another random RH episode......


I really wasn't expecting it to happen in the situation that it did so while I did have the video camera I wasn't prepared enough to have been able to capture it.

This morning I took the kids up the bush track for a decent run and swim with a little fetching for good measure. No signs of any issues and Kenz had a blast. We came home and ran a training session in the yard at lunchtime. Again no issues and had the video running the entire time.

I am just back from our second walk up in Brownhill creek for the day and that is when the episode occurred. I drove the kids up to the carpark halfway along so we could do the second part of the trail and they could have a swim. I unloaded the dogs out of the car and they both jumped out without any thing untoward happening. 

Kenz walked away fine and was sniffing a couple of meters away from the car and I was getting their leads/the bumbag and the video camera out of the front passenger door. I bent over to do up my shoe lace and turned around to see Kenz standing with no weight on her RH. It wasn't tucked up there was just no weight on it. I had to first do a double take to make sure it was the RH and not her LH. I yelled out stay and turned around to grab the video from the roof of the car. In the few moments it took me to do that Kenz was back putting weight on the foot again but not moving. I went over to have a feel of her back/leg and couldn't find anything sore.

I videoed her as she went to head off on our walk and the video appears normal as far as I can tell. She had no more apparent issues with the leg in the following 45 minutes of running/swimming and retrieving play.

I just don't know anymore. Its presenting very randomly but a couple of times a week suggests its a little more frequent to not be something going on. Especially frustrating as John and Ian would prefer more video to go on and I can't seem to get it despite the episodes happening fairly regularly. There doesn't appear to be any real definite trigger which I am finding frustrating. If I could recreate the problem we may get further in diagnosing and resolving it.