Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Its more then just a game of tug.....

So we are nearly at the end of 18 weeks post-op and for all intensive purposes Kenz's life should have been back to normal. She should be back training at full capacity and be sound and living the life we have dreamed of.

Well we aren't there unfortunately. Despite the hiccups over the past week I know John said she could be back doing normal things within a fortnight so I have decided despite all the episodes this last week or so we will still start to get on with life.

Yesterday I ran a 30 second tug session and she came up on three legs.

Today I thought I'd at least get the video camera out and if it happened again I could see exactly what the problem was. Well the end result was 5 minutes of tug with no hint of any lameness.

So here we go this is today's small amount of tug/training. I guess I can only see how she is when she pulls up later and whether there is any increased lameness as a result.

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