Monday, September 24, 2012

Life goes on

More stalking with the video camera and no more lameness episodes recorded however here is some video from her (almost) weekly trip to the dog pool. This week at the pool she was super keen from the minute we got there and more then happy to swim laps. She put herself in the pool the minute I opened the gate and then just started swimming.

She has seemed ok today. However we are just back from a brief trip to the oval and while I wasn't able to capture it on video she had what appeared to be other hind end lameness episode on the way home. The problem I am finding is she just stops dead on me rather than trying to walk and by the time she starts walking again whatever that is going on seems to have resolved itself. None of the incidents (aside from whatever happened last Tuesday at training) seem to produce lasting lameness but we are certainly getting an interesting assorted collection of varying episodes.

Confused and frustrated.

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