Tuesday, August 28, 2012

16.5 weeks - Smiles all round

Last night Kenz had a bit of a disaster of an evening - we trained and the consequence was right hind end lameness at bedtime and refusing to come up the stairs.

Today she had otherwise been fine - we had our normal morning walk at the park and she was bouncing like a lunatic.

This afternoon she had her regular dog pool session. She was a little indifferent to swimming laps and I couldn't put my finger on it.

Tonight come 6pm she was absolutely FERAL. Into everything and I went enough is enough - Emma had already said to me we didn't need to be that conservative anymore so with that we headed out to club for an obedience session.

I did play it safe in that we opted to leave out the ROH because the grounds were slippery and she hasn't done any jumping yet. I did however allow her to complete two retrieves on the flat. Her work was something very very special. Her heelwork was beautiful - there was none of the crabbing or crowding and the only small amount of forging was on the outside post of the figure 8. Her SFE was done to the usual standard. Her DOR and ROF were nice. Her biggest issue tonight was anticipation and doing things on the "judges" command rather than waiting for me. I had some really lovely fronts and finishes and I would bottle her enthusiasm if I could.

Even when I took her out and we worked on some short sits and drops she was full of confidence - not stressed by classes of dogs working and seemed very relaxed. She has certainly come a VERY long way from the dog who could barely perform without shutting down.

It was certainly a night to remember and one I have been waiting for in what seems like an eternity.

Now I hope she pulls up fine and we have plenty more such nights not to far around the corner. 

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