Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another day, maybe some more forward progress

After the "news" Matthew presented to me yesterday I was a little shattered still I sat down took stock of things and decided to make no rush decisions until she has been back to John. We need to rebuild muscle so we have an accurate assessment of where things are at so today we pushed boundaries.

Kenz managed 3 solid walks all of greater then 25 min :). She seemed ok and even managed some off-leash time on one of those walks. While she lagged a little on the middle walk I decided we would just push through it.

I also made the decision to give her a little go on the FitBall Peanut and see how she did. She was so excited to be getting a turn of something and seemed ok on it and doesn't appear sore as a result.

Any way here is the video of Kenz on the Peanut.

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