Friday, August 17, 2012

Kenz's first trip back to the dog pool

Having decided we may need to go a different tact with rebuilding the remainder of her muscle wastage I was tossing up the thought of taking her for a return trip to the dog pool. We haven't been there in years however I decided swimming would probably give her the best chance at getting back to competing and with the weather making the alternative swimming options (beach or creek) a little counter productive to much swimming I figured I'd take her and see how she got on.

I wasn't sure how she would cope as there was no way I could afford to take both dogs so Kenz would have to go without Ness. Kenz started off a little unsure but once she got over that she had a blast.

I was hoping to get more lap swimming and less retrieving but all she seemed to want to do was swim in circles in the middle which I felt was counter productive to the goal. I ended up mixing up swimming laps with having her swim straight retrieves.

She was starting to show a bit of fatigue towards the end but still managed to swim for most of the 30 min session.

So now its fingers crossed and hoping she pulls up 100% sound later this evening. She seemed sound enough when we left the pool and on the way back to the car so hoping everything is ok.

The only disappointment for me was I thought I might have a BC with flat batteries at least for a little while. No such luck though we returned home and she was raring to go and could have gone another round.

Back again next week. Will try and take her a couple of times a week for the next month and see if it helps.

ETA. Well its now 9:30pm and bed time and while she is looking slightly sore and stiff she is doing so much better then I might have expected. She waited for me to put her back on track coat on and then promptly jumped up on my bed. A first since she had surgery. Normally she waits to be lifted up.  Small steps forward :).

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