Friday, August 10, 2012

13 Weeks Down

So we are at the start of week 14 and this last week hasn't been totally "good" news. A couple more 3 legging incidents earlier in the week and a quite bad one on Monday evening means that the discussion is very much as to whether Kenz will need a second operation. At this stage while John (and I) are both keen to avoid a second operation if her knee is what is causing the 3 legging episodes then there is more that can be done and the verdict seems to be we should do it.

Another 10 days until her next appointment with John.

The rest of the week she hasn't been to bad. I have let her go a bit and we are trying to just increase her overall fitness and hopefully the muscle support. I have taken advantage of some decent weather and she has had a couple of trips to the beach where I have just let her go and she has been back to her old mad midget ways. We have tried to fit in at least two decent sized hikes with some off-lead time over variable terrain as well as a bit of FitPaws Peanut work.

Fingers firmly crossed that the situation may still improve enough to avoid another surgery. Although its not looking that way as no sooner then I posted this we headed out for a 20 min leash walk around the local streets and yep it slipped again. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

ETA. A video of her afternoon FitPaws Peanut session

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