Friday, August 3, 2012

Nearly 3 months post-op

And the news just sucks - things had been going ok but now I am not so sure. The weather was glorious today so I packed the girls in the car and we drove for a walk at the beach. Kenz had come up really sore yesterday after her day at home but seemed ok on this mornings 30 min leash walk. We did another 30 minutes at the beach and she seemed ok.

I decided to take them both out for another spin around the block tonight just a 20 min walk and within 15 min she was back 3 legged lame and without a doubt the patella slipping was what was bothering her.

Sigh somehow further surgery is looking somewhat inevitable and I am not sure how to explain that to my parents nor how I am going to find the money for it to happen :(.

Very very frustrating.

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