Friday, August 24, 2012

15 weeks down .....things might be looking up

So we are at the start of week 16 post-op and Kenz has now had an entire week minimum of nothing which looks like her patella slipping and certainly no 3 legging episodes - yee har - certainly cause for celebration.

Today was also her third trip to the dog pool. She loves going and happily swims laps for her entire 30 min session with relatively few breaks. I was impressed today as there was a person cleaning out the hydro tank and coming and going and she wasn't rattled and continued to swim happily.

The good news is that since she has started swimming she has also been much happier to come up and down the stair case at home. She is still having a few issues with coming up stairs later in the day and will stand with her front feet on the bottom stair carrying on. We are still making time for regular daily Peanut sessions and she is now fitting in twice weekly swimming and heading out for lots of variable terrain off-lead time.

Emma has said there is no reason why Kenz can't now go back to full training (although she agrees thats not a particularly conservative suggestion). Considering its only a few weeks before Kenz's return trip to John and the fact the weather isn't super conducive to training sessions I am still holding off at this stage.

I may reassess that in a week or so but I would like a decent run of non 3-legging before I consider training her again. I don't want to have to explain to John any circumstances which may surround a possible 3 legging event which is anything out of the ordinary. Baring in mind that this time last year, her patella issue wasn't noticeably apparent and yet when I tried to jump her she came up on three legs.

So we might just be looking at a much more positive scenario with no repeat surgery on the horizon - fingers firmly crossed. Its certainly looking slightly less gloomy then it was in the last fortnight. 

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