Thursday, August 16, 2012

Monthly Follow Up with John

After a few days of 3 legged episodes I decided to contact John who said he was happy to reassess Kenz this week so we could make decisions sooner rather than wait till next week.

Kenz got a pretty thorough going over this morning. She is moving well and using the leg well. Nothing out of the ordinary to be found anywhere. She has regained most of the wasted muscle in her LH but there is still a slight difference between her LH and her RH so still room for improvement. Her patella stability has improved from her last appointment. John could still get it to pop out but it goes back in almost spontaneously. He isn't entirely sure what is causing the problem at this stage and has suggested videoing a 3 legged episode if I can. He couldn't find anything the matter with her spine.

He went over with what he found in surgery again and said he still felt her groove was sufficient and that her tibial tuberosity was in good alignment. He explained that if he went in to do further surgery he would probably over correct her tibial tuberosity and tighten things up still further and would reassess the groove.

She currently weighs around 13.7kg which John felt was a good weight for her.

He wants me to keep doing as I am with her in relation to her rehab and he will see her back in another month when she should be back to 100% unless the leg still keeps bothering her.

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