Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Appointment with Matthew

After a small amount of agonizing I decided to book an appointment for Kenz with Matthew just to see where he felt things were at. I'll start with the good news - he to thought her shoulder problem had improved substantially and had good range of motion - a small victory after all we have been through.

Her right hind - he could feel a substantial build up of scar tissue where she tore her gracilus muscle. However, he again said that would not be to much of a problem or concern.

Her left hind - not to bad he said she still had a fair bit of muscle wastage but the knee felt reasonably stable. He told me to make sure I stretch her hip out 2-3 times (holding for 20-30 seconds) before I walk her.

The bad news is there is quite a lot going on in her spine to the extent she is developing a number of substantial changes. She is developing quite a roached back and Matthew isn't so keen on her going back to agility but feels obedience may be ok. He told me to make sure I massage it to keep things as loose as I can.

At this stage his recommendation is to try and avoid to much free activity (or fence running) and stick with 20-30 min leash walks until she has been back to see John in another 3 weeks. So we keep with more of the same and keep waiting and seeing.

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