Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kenz Monthly Specialist Follow Up

So Kenz had her 10 week/monthly follow up with John this morning. Poor little girl I must be starving her as she has dropped to 12.5kg. Might be time to start feeding her up again.

Any way the good news - John felt the patella was more stable then it was a month ago however the bad news it is still slipping out the groove a little bit. She has regained some muscle mass but still has more to rebuild and the hope is that when she has rebuilt the remainder it will be more stable and nothing further will need doing.

At this stage I am to keep increasing her walks and pushing her and doing more sit to stand type exercises.

John also checked her RH and shoulder and said everything felt fine there.

No training for at least the next month and she is back to see him in 4 weeks time.

Worst case scenario is still further more aggressive surgery involving a TTT (Tibial tuberosity transposition). Effectively putting us back to square one with more rest and further rehab. So hoping we can avoid that.

As for how the remainder of the day panned out - hmmm I half expected it but by mid afternoon I observed some weird (possibly patella slipping but not entirely sure since I was side on and it just looked different) going on with her surgery leg. Grrrrrrrrrrr so much for John not intending on breaking her any further.

So sent a message to Emma and as things stand she is back to 15 min max walks for the next couple of days and I'll ring Emma on Friday and have a chat about what to do with her at that stage. This saga just keeps continuing :(. 

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