Monday, July 16, 2012

Kenz Physio Appointment

So Kenz had her appointment with Emma this afternoon. The good news is that the patella stability was apparently slightly improved but she also didn't push it to much. Apparently the crepitus Emma felt three weeks ago she didn't feel this time. She did however feel that there is still some lateral movement of the patella though. Emma thinks Kenz has about a 20-30% improvement in muscle since her appointment 3 weeks ago. Like last time Kenz had some soreness higher up in the surgery leg but also had some significant soreness in the joints leading out from the spine on both sides.

At this stage we are to continue on as we are with gradually building leash walks. She is allowed to start being loose around the house more often and it was suggested I gradually build up to leaving her loose when I am not around.

She did make the comment that if the surgery had been completely hassle free at this point Kenz should be free to do as she pleases but can understand my hesitation in leaving her unsupervised for a full day.

Lots of sounding a little more hopeful that things may one day be back to normal and we may yet get back to doing what we love to do.

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