Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kenz Post Surgery Week 8

So we are through 8 weeks post surgery and while its still not smooth sailing it seems to be ok. She is still having random 3 legged episodes more frequently then she did pre-surgery. She is using the leg well most of the time though when she is walking.

After Sunday's interesting episode I contacted Emma to find out if I should still increase her walks and she said no just leave it at 5-10 min till Friday.

Monday night she was obviously uncomfortable in that she wouldn't sit or if she did would sit really slowly and started biting her leg. I ended up giving her a pain killer and that seemed to settle things back down.

She is now tolerating her 2-3 x 10 min walks a day (although they are more like 15 min walks) and is wanting more so thats a promising sign.

So long as things remain as they are we are able to start with 15 min walks tomorrow and hopefully there are no more set backs.

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