Friday, July 27, 2012

Conversation with Emma and other bits and pieces....

So we are now at the end of 11 weeks post surgery and still not really sure where things will be. John again reiterated in an email yesterday that things weren't as stable as he hoped and we may still be faced with the prospect of needing a revision surgery in a months time if the situation wasn't improving.

As was agreed earlier in the week I rang Emma this afternoon and had a fairly lengthy chat on the situation. She gave me a few ideas if it was her dog and I feel entirely comfortable with what we discussed. She agreed I had probably been super conservative to this point and that I really need to try and push through where things are at. Either the situation will get worse in which case surgery is likely to be pretty inevitable else the situation will be much improved with the increased muscle and no further issues will result.

So with that her view was to increase off-lead time away from home but don't encourage her to go quite all out (if I can help it), not stress about what she gets up to at home, to work to building her leash walks if I can and to try and get her to the point in a couple of weeks time before going back to John where we try a couple of 30 min leash walks and see how she does.

As to other happenings over the last few days - 

I have had a few emails with Matthew and he mentioned the possibility of acupuncture and at this stage I am not sure but do think an appointment with him is on the cards before going back to see John as well.

I guess the picture isn't super clear at this point but think at this stage its a case of pushing her a bit, seeing how she does and it will hopefully make the picture a little clearer one way or the other.

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