Thursday, July 19, 2012

10 Weeks Down

So today is the end of 10 weeks post surgery for miss Kenz. Life is starting to get back to normal. The increased freedom over the last few days seems to have touch wood not resulted in any set backs and she seems to be doing well. She is back to racing along the fence in small doses and other than avoiding the stair case by choice she is doing fine around the house.

We have been a little rebellious in that she has had a couple of off-lead walks to the extent of her being happy to just trot along up in Brownhill creek along the track.

As to the where to from here - John wants to see her back in the next week or so to assess her muscle rebuilding so she is back to see him next Tuesday.

Emma has said we can try one 25 min walk over the next week (instead of the usual 15-20 min) and also add in 5 minutes of training every third day for the next 2 weeks and so long as there is no increase in 3 leggedness after the 2 weeks we can move to 10 minutes every second day.

I also have to start finding more hills for her to leash walk up/down and across.

So we have progress :).

I thought I'd also post a video of her walking out the front tonight - so far so good she seems to be moving without to many issues.

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