Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kenz Post Surgery Day 52

Yesterday saw us head up to Monarto for a club tracking training session. We headed off with Karron and Kenz got to have cuddles and a few short off-lead sniffs around the area while we were waiting for tracks to be ready to run. She was using the leg ok and seems better off-lead then on.

John got back to me about what I noticed on Thursday and has said to hang in there for the next 3-4 weeks and see if things improve. If not he will reassess the situation when she has rebuilt some muscle and we will see what we need to do at that stage.

 After tracking had finished we headed up to the river to visit my parents. Kenz had plenty of time roaming around and enjoyed the relative freedom I gave her. No more leash restrictions so long as she wasn't racing around like a lunatic. She was moving nicely and without to many issues - in fact my parents thought I was having them on when said she had been really bad only a few days earlier.

Well that was until lunchtime today and she had been resting in the kitchen on the floor and got up and had a stretch and obviously slipped the patella and ended up back on three legs and an all to familiar picture. In no great hurry to put the leg back down until I came over and massaged it - sigh so much for surgery having fixed the problem.

She is worse now then she was pre-surgery and I am heart broken. We did however manage a 10 min leash walk around the block on a short lead and harness tonight when we got home. I am so unsure as to what the future holds for her its not funny and I am very teary over the current situation.

Any way I thought I'd take advantage of nice break in the weather and take a few photos of her getting some fresh air and having a potter round the garden up at the property.


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