Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kenz Post Surgery Week 7

So today marks the end of 7 weeks post surgery and I would really rather the situation was a  little rosier.

The good was last night was the first night in 7 weeks I have had my black and white fury hot water bottle back. Emma said she could see no problem if Kenz decided to jump off the bed overnight so long as it was only the once or twice :). Kenz loved being given a little more freedom overnight without having to spend the night in a crate.

Today we started out with a 5-10 min walk before work. Hmmm not good. Kenz came up 3 legged lame on the way home :(.

She was left crated for roughly 7.5 hours while I was at work. Let her out for a toilet break and she was barely toe touching and not a happy camper.

I left her for a little while and we headed out for another 5 min walk about half an hour after I got home from work and she seemed ok although was showing evidence of fatigue in that leg when we returned home.

I just wish the situation would improve. She shouldn't be looking anywhere near as bad this far along and I am a little concerned :(.

Here are a few photos of Kenz happy to be back on the bed after 7 weeks of sleeping in a crate.

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