Monday, June 25, 2012

Kenz Post Surgery Day 46

Emma has just been and we now have a plan :). There was some twitching and muscle spasm through her surgery leg which she released and she has stressed the most important thing to do over the next 6 weeks is to build muscle. Some general overall soreness but the shoulder seems ok and no issues with the biceps tendon. The problems she are having a highly likely to be the result of not very much muscle support for the patella so fingers crossed it all works out in the end.

Kenz can start with 2 x 5-10 minute walks each day for the next week and can add 5 minutes the following week. Building up to 30 min duration. She is also allowed a little more freedom at home so long as all she is doing is walking around and not being stupid.

I won't say the last 3 days have been totally trouble free with half a dozen incidents of Kenz picking up her surgery leg for varying lengths of time. It is enough to worry me but as Emma said the patella needs muscle support to remain in the groove so she isn't to surprised by the current issues.

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