Monday, June 11, 2012

Kenz Post Surgery Day 32

There were a few ups and downs towards the end of last week. After her dog bed episode on Tuesday night we had a similar episode on Thursday night and another similar episode on Friday night. John is not worried from what I have told him and has suggested using pain killers if necessary but not to get to hung up over the three legged episodes at this stage (well if I read between the lines of the email which suggests he isn't worried at all).

We have just got back from spending the long weekend up at my parents place in the country. I was a little hesitant taking Kenz along given mum is very anti-crating and just doesn't seem to get it. After we got off to a rocky start and being told I was babying her for carrying out the instructions the specialist has detailed after 24 hours I managed to win mum over to some extent.

Kenz enjoyed the change of scenery. She helped supervise collection of fire wood on Saturday, spent lots of time in her crate in front of the fire keeping warm and got to spend some time today and yesterday outside on the balcony in the sun chilling and watching the world pass by. We also had plenty of morning snuggles on the bed :). 

Here is a photo of her in her daytime crate on day 31 which was situated about 5 m from the wood fire. She seemed pretty happy to spend her time in there and was mostly well behaved without any major dramas. She did get a little more walking then I probably would have liked (the partial compromise for mum was that I didn't carry her around quite as much). She seemed none the worse for it thankfully and we managed to avoid any stupid behavior so thinking it should all be ok.

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