Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kenz Post Surgery Day 27 (Week 4)

This blog post contains photos of Kenz chilling out on the cuddler next to my computer on day 27. The usual daily post surgery routine on days when I am working at home. She seems to be using the leg without any problems today so hoping what I saw last night is nothing to worry about. She was a lucky girl and got a car ride this morning to pick up the freebies from the Woofery competition :). I couldn't help but stock up on extra supplies while we were there. 

An email to John this afternoon confirmed that he didn't think my observations from last night were much to be worried about but did tell me to keep in touch if it got worse or any lameness seemed to persist. I am still pretty happy that she seemed ok this afternoon and this evening and was happy to settle to bed in her crate. 

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since her surgery - who would have thought the time would have flown so quickly. Another 2 weeks to go until her next follow up appointment. 


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