Friday, June 22, 2012

Kenz Post Surgery 6 Week Follow Up

Back from her 6 week appointment and a some what mixed verdict from John. She has some moderate muscle wastage (to be expected) and the disappointing news is the patella is still luxating slightly :(. On a grading scale he probably only grades it at a half but not really the news I was hoping for. He is hoping with physio and building up the muscle that it holds it in fine.

We can now start adding leash walks back into her schedule and swimming and building things back up again. Her current weight is 12.7kg.

I am a little disappointed in the "news". I just hope she doesn't have to go through this again in the future.

In other news Kenz happily coped with going out to the DWD trial venue for a little look around and to try on a balance harness. The only disappointment was when we finished in there I walked her out to the car and she again ended up on three legs :(.

I have touched base with Emma and she has a physio appointment on Monday morning. Apparently it might not be all such a downer - Emma seemed to suggest some degree of subluxation is to be expected with that much muscle loss so I will reserve my judgement on whether its a problem until after Monday.

Kenz also got her first leash walk since surgery tonight. Just a short walk to the local post box and around the block and home again. She was using the leg well but I won't do to much with her before Emma has seen her. She enjoyed being out and was a lot better behaved then I anticipated.

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