Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kenz Post Surgery Day 26

Things had been going really well. No real evidence of lameness, bored out of her brain, we had a car trip out to watch the herding training day over the weekend and she was a good girl laying quietly in the boot of my car with me enjoying the sun. Totally relaxed.

She had cuddles with her favorite human Karron. She has started showing interest in her squeakie toys and just wants to be doing things again.

All was fine with the world until about an hour ago.

Now I am not so sure. We have had a few outings in the car today and are just back from taking Ness out to obedience. Kenz came along for the ride and we did as we normally do and I carried her inside, took her out for a quick toilet break and she seemed fine. I carried her upstairs and she went to get on the cuddler next to the computer and her back surgery leg seemed to give way.

I have iced it and given her half a tramadol and she is curled up fast asleep.

I don't know what she is done and I am trying not to stress out. Fingers crossed its nothing major and she hasn't damaged herself.

She wasn't a happy little girl by any stretch of the imagination. I ended up moving her bedtime crate into my room after sitting in front of the heater with her for nearly an hour.

Poor Kenz :(. I took her outside for another toilet break a few hours later and she was still very much on three legs. 

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