Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kenz Post MPL Surgery Day 21 (Week 3)

So we have both managed to survive for a full three weeks of "strict rest". Kenz is getting use to her new life and is mostly good about putting herself back in a crate after she has had a toilet break.

Its becoming increasingly difficult at some moments though because she has decided she needs to go back to removing the yard of birdies/possums/cats ANYTHING. She has a few mad and heart stopping moments such as jumping up on the bed once or twice before I have been able to stop her but seems to be otherwise doing ok.

She isn't looking especially lame at this stage. She is using the leg really well. We enjoy our cuddles on the bed in the morning and she is even being well behaved in her crate while I take Ness out for the occasional walk.

Today was a "work" day so she had her usual long stint in the solid crate. She comes out mega stiff as a result but once she has warmed out of it she seems otherwise ok. Since it was a nice mild afternoon as a special treat we drove to Hungry Jacks and then shared a meal at the local park sitting in the sun.

I figured she could use a bit of fresh air and a change of scenery.

So pending John's view on her progress in three weeks time we are hopefully on the downhill stretch as far as "strict rest" goes.

ETA. A couple of photos taken on Day 22

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