Thursday, May 10, 2012

MPL Surgery Day

Kenz was dropped off at the specialist bright and early this morning for her MPL surgery. She weighs in at 13.8kg.

Its so quiet without my little baby girl home tonight. She has to spend the night as she will be on IV pain relief.

A rather anxious day of waiting for the phone call from John to say she was awake and to hear the verdict.

The surgery went well and was relatively straight forward. John tightened up the ligaments and reinforced the lateral side of the knee and post surgery the patella was 100% stable. There wasn't any need to cut bone and her groove was of sufficient depth so the post surgery rehab time shouldn't be the end of the world.

Now the fun and games begin - she should do well so long as I can keep the little devil quiet for a few weeks while she recovers :).

Be good Kenz and I promise we can get back to training as soon as your back on your feet.

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