Monday, May 21, 2012

Kenz Post MPL Surgery Day 11

Wow what a difference 24 hours makes. This time last night I was somewhat concerned about how flat and lethargic Kenz had been. It culminated with her putting herself into her crate and curling up in a little tight ball looking totally miserable. To say I was more than a little worried about her is a bit of an understatement. I knocked off a quick email to the specialist late last night and within a couple of minutes I was fortunate enough to have a reply.

The advice was to totally cut out all the meds and see how she got on. This morning she was still super lethargic. Basically got up had her breakfast and then crashed again. It wasn't until around 1pm that she started to look somewhat perkier. We had a drive to the park and she lay down with her i-squeak.

Come 4pm and she was well and truely back to normal. We headed out for another drive when she decided that barking in her crate was fair game and she wanted to help Ness chase things. The time at the park required hand in collar because she spotted the birds and as far as she was concerned they are fair game.

So I think I have my feral midget back :). Fingers crossed John is happy with her progress and tomorrow we see what the next few weeks might have in store. Hoping we can start doing a little more in the way of walking. I am still mostly carrying her around although she is wandering a little bit on her toilet breaks or on our outings to the park.

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