Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kenz Post MPL Surgery Day 7 (Week 1)

So today marks exactly one week since Kenz's surgery.

Since I was working today it also marked the first time she had been left home for any significant time unsupervised since her surgery. I was a little apprehensive about leaving her, especially since she was sick in the early hours of this morning.

I came home after 4.5 hours at the office and was relieved to find she was fine - sound asleep in her crate, quiet as a mouse and not in any real hurry to greet me. She was a little stiffer then she has been - her shoulder seemed to be bothering her a little bit as was her hind end. She happily spent the rest of the day snoozing on the bed alongside my computer desk.

We had another outing to the park and she is definitely more with things but still not 100%. She is moving ok but is certainly still a little sore on it. Hoping that settles down eventually.

One week done and dusted :).

Snoozing in front of the heater at the end of day 7 - such a hard life:

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