Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kenz Post MPL Surgery Day 12 (Suture Removal)

Back to John to have her sutures out and a quick checkup. The good news - he couldn't budge the patella at all. Its 100% stable. He was happy with the way she was using the leg as we walked in. The incision looked great. I am quietly breathing a sigh of relief we have got through 12 days without her messing things up despite a few little minor oops moments along the way.

She currently weighs 13.4kg so hasn't gained any weight in the time she has been resting which is another positive.

As for where to now - I have to keep doing as I am doing and allow the scar tissue to build up and stabilize the knee.

Next appointment is in roughly 4-6 weeks. Its at least another 4 weeks of strict rest as we have been doing at which point John will recheck the patella and hopefully all things being equal we can get the go ahead to gradually return to full activity,

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