Friday, May 4, 2012

Back to see John

Given Matthew's verdict over the patella I felt a trip back to John was warranted just to assess where things are at. Its been two months since her last trip to see him and in that time she has now fully regained all her lost muscle tone and support for the patella. Well the news wasn't so great in that yes the patella has deteriorated to the extent its now classed as a high grade 2. However John is reluctant to operate on something which is causing her seemingly less problems despite everything else. Not sure what we are doing about it yet, I am tempted to have the surgery done and just move on once and for all but she is otherwise bouncing around at a million miles an hour and full of life so it makes the decision somewhat more difficult. As far as her shoulder is concerned we did talk about Sunday's incident after the mock trial when she was a total mess come Sunday evening. John has suggested further diagnostics and possible surgery for that as well but did suggest maybe just having a supply of anti-inflams for when it gets bad and treating it as it comes. I am leaning towards that at the moment because the shoulder has otherwise been not to bad. So while we still don't have a resolution I do feel I know where the situation is at with it all its just a matter of agreeing to a course of action with John and how best to continue to manage the little brat.

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