Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kenz Post MPL Surgery Day 6

So far so good - Kenz is still resting a lot of the time and keeping her restrained hasn't been half the battle I was fearing. She has spent the majority of the day snoozing alongside my computer desk without bothering to get up.

Last night was the first night she has managed to sleep through and not wake me up at 4am needing a toilet stop.

Today I have cut out the tramadol and she is still seemingly fine. She is walking fairly well on the leg when I have taken her out for toilet breaks. She was even putting 100% weight on the leg while toileting.

So everything seems to be going ok. She is due to have the sutures out next Tuesday morning so fingers crossed its all healing as it should.

Her afternoon toilet break resulted in her grabbing the nearest twig and barking at me - I think the fun and games are about to begin. She is obviously feeling a lot better.

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