Monday, May 14, 2012

Kenz Post MPL Surgery Day 4

Since Kenz's surgery on Thursday she has done very little other than snooze her time away. She had a trip out in the car to the shops with me yesterday but other than that we have switched between cuddling on my bed, laying on a rug on the floor in front of the TV, crated or laying in a dog bed alongside my computer desk.

She is still on fairly hefty doses of pain killers (3 x 100mg tramadol a day and 3 x 20mg carprofen a day) and so far the whole process is relatively stress free. She isn't trying to move around a lot and I am happy enough with her progress. She is putting much more weight on her leg and seems to be walking fairly well at this point. She is still showing signs of being fairly sore though - no real inclination to chase anything as such and not making any attempt to follow me or move when I get up.

The last 3 night she has also got me up at 4am each day for a toilet break which coincides with 6 hours since her evening pain med dose.

She is being very good with leaving the incision alone and only has to wear her cone overnight or when I am not able to supervise her. 

This morning it was time to remove the dressing and so I decided I'd take a photo of her stitches and post it below.

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