Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The long awaited (and dreaded email)

This afternoon I got the long awaited and dreaded email from John - with much trepidation I opened it to see what the verdict was.

Its not great news. What Ian didn't mention at her appointment last Wednesday was questionable pain from her hocks with manipulation. The suggestion being if she does have discomfort in her lower joints (hocks, carpi, toes) then there are a range of autoimmune diseases of the joints that can occur in these regions.

Some suggestions included: rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and autoimmune polyarthropathy.

This is apparently consistent with the shifting lameness and breed. Although apparently according to John polyarthropathies typically cause more lameness and discomfort than what Kenz is showing and that normally its possible to feel effusion in the affected joints which he couldn't with Kenz.

The suggested plan of attack would be radiographs of Kenz's hocks to toes and carpi to toes as well as joint taps to look for white blood cells.

Ian is somewhat keen to do an EMG on Kenz.

Not sure what I am thinking at present - its a lot to take in and my immediate concern is the cost involved and the benefit of subjecting her to further testing.

Lots of thinking ahead of me.

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