Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back to see Ian

Earlier in the week, after following up on an email from John, Ian requested I make another appointment for Kenz to discuss where things were at.

I was somewhat apprehensive but it appears needlessly. Ian's main reason for having me bring Kenz in rather than having a conversation on the phone was just an added assurance in his own mind that Kenz was otherwise neurologically normal and that nothing had been missed on her first examination.

All that being fine there is very little doubt in his mind that she does unfortunately suffer from the BC form of EIC. He has agreed its worth me submitting bloods for the research so I am kept informed as to the latest findings and he has offered to arrange those for me.

He made an interesting comment re her patella issue and feels that its very likely connected to the BC collapse but will go away and do some more research for me. He made a comment about dogs with EIC having issues with building adequate muscle. Kenz is far from the athletic dog she use to be. There is still such significant muscle loss and so its a bit of a catch 22 because while Ian said he is no ortho specialist her MPL in her RH is fairly significant now.

So as far as where that leaves Kenz. Ian's view was that if Kenz was his he would be doing all he could to avoid any collapse episodes but did appreciate that there is a quality of life issue which comes with that.

There isn't anything much else we can do for her. Life truly does suck and makes each day we spend together even more special.

Will have another chat hopefully with the guy in the US and see if he has any other suggestions on exercises to try and help maintain as much muscle as I can on her for the meantime. 

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