Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pet and Animal Expo DWD Demonstrations

After a lot of agonizing I agreed to allow Kenz to partake in two days of dances with dogs demonstrations at the Adelaide Pet and Animal Expo.

She was required to give 2 demos on Friday and then again on the Saturday and all I can say is she is still my little star and still gives me all of herself when it is needed. Kenz was certainly looking "sound" enough. Better then she was when we went out walking with Dan and her kelpies on Wednesday.

Any way back to Kenz's routines -

Despite huge audiences at all the demos she was absolutely FERAL. She barked almost non-stop during her routines. During the course of her four routines she did flatten a little but only to the extent where she was able to respond to commands.

Each demo she was full of enthusiasm though. The audience certainly would not have realized she isn't really firing on all cylinders. She was super stressy outside the ring so to see her switch on and work as she would normally was huge.

I was fortunate enough that Dan offered to tag along on the Friday and video both routines.

Here is the video of Kenz's second routine on the Friday -

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