Monday, April 29, 2013

Kenz's Story - A Rose-Hip Vital Canine Success

Kenz first started taking the Rose-Hip Vital Canine supplement in December 2012. She suffers from a nightmare of on-going lameness related conditions which none of the specialists really seemed to have a full handle on including a initial diagnosis of chronic biceps tendonitis in her right shoulder as well as grade 2 bilateral medial luxating patellas. Its so hard to see your young performance dog unable to even do simple every day tasks without exhibiting some level of pain.

Kenz was struggling to do the stairs at home and could barely even manage a walk to the park. Another BC breeder friend, Karen posted something about the Rose-Hip Vital Canine product and it appeared on my facebook news feed. At that time Kenz was on Glyde and I had previously had her on Joint Guard for many years. It was more a standard thing I just did rather than necessarily seeing any results as a consequence.

Kenz is also an extremely fussy eater so I contacted the RHVC crowd and Justin kindly offered to send a container over to see if Kenz would eat it. I wasn't so sure she would but after reducing the amount and then gradually increasing the dosage coupled with mixing it with things like tinned tuna, sardines, raw mince or yoghurt she was soon polishing off a significant amount of the supplement in her meal each night.

I was still not sure if the product would work for Kenz but while I was initially very skeptical I soon saw some very promising results. I was also greatly impressed by the level of research literature that was provide with the product.

After a month on the RHVC Kenz was able to run and play happily at the beach with her Border Collie mates on a few occasions and was none the worse for it even after staying an hour or so. Its had been a long time since she had managed anything more then a quick trip to the beach before wanting home again. 

2 months on and Kenz was finally back to obedience training and having a blast once again doing what she loves most in life.
After 4 months taking the RHVC not only did Kenz manage to compete in the performance ring again (something I had basically given up the idea of ever happening) but she managed to place in Rally Advanced A, on both days, at the 2013 SA State Obedience and Rally Championships. 

There is nothing better then being able to witness your dog out living life to the full and being able to give you everything they are capable of giving you without any hint of an issue.

Kenz had been on and off the "usual" run of the mill pain relief options (carprofen and tramadol) but in my experience the RHVC seemed to provide almost as much of a positive impact for her without having a dog who just wanted to spend all day sleeping her life away in a crate as she did while on the standard medications.

I can highly recommend the RHVC and after seeing the results with Kenz I also switched my older girl Ness over to the product and she to has had some great results. Like any product it may not work to the same extent with every individual but its definitely been beneficial to both my two.

Here is a video I put together of Kenz's experience while on the RHVC.

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