Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dogs SA Funday

Today was the Dogs SA Funday at SACA park. The girls had a blast and were both very well behaved. Kenzie coped much better then I had otherwise anticipated and I was a it surprised.

We got roped into doing some of the canine freestyle demo with Carol and the Aldinga crowd. Teach me to show off a few tricks with the air of them. They did a bit of tandom heelwork and tandom tricks. She was happily playing with me during the warm up and didn't freak out at performing off-lead with people around.

After doing that we hung around for the fun competitions. Kenzie and Ness went in the Best Groomed and the Best trick. The person judging had a kid alongside and Kenzie was great even when they approached. She was happily standing or trotting in the "ring" (they were using one of the show rings).

She did freak a bit in the best trick when the kid was close and I went to send her around Ness but I moved back away a bit and she was good.

Anyway the girls won the best groomed as well as an encouragement prize in the tricks. Since they one the best groomed we then had to go back in and compete against all the category winners for Best in Show.

Well my two little super stars were awarded the Best in Show prize :).

After that we had a wander around some of the other stands and I took the opportunity to weigh Kenzie. Kenzie weighed in at 12.2kg - at just over 8 months.

Here are a couple of photos of the pair of them taken the day before.



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